Now Recruiting Franchisees: Find out how you can become a Willowbrae Academy franchise owner.
  • real estate
    • Child care space design is extremely complex due to regulatory requirements and other design factors that influence room layout, square footage, students per class, natural light, and numerous other variables. We have experienced commercial real estate agents to source locations for your new Academy. Once a location is confirmed we design the floor plan and space layout. Willowbrae Acadmey has extensive experience designing child care academies and also has an in-house commercial designer with over 28 years of experience. In partnership with local architects, we optimize space design for operational efficiency and to maximize student ratios.
  • marketing
    • Willowbrae Academy pursues timely, innovative and informative advertising that connects parents with local Academies. Our objective is to drive traffic to our corporate web site, then provide information on Willowbrae Academy child care and finally request a tour. We also provide advertising design templates, marketing plans, budgets, and social media advertising.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Willowbrae Academy Quality Assurance (QA) is used to assure Willowbrae Academies meet or exceed quality standards and support the social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development of our children. While every state/province has a licensing agency that oversees regulations, our Academies are also required to fulfill our own extensive QA Review. Willowbrae Academy QA provides the foundation for the highest quality childcare programs focusing on childcare professionals, programs & activities, health and safety, services, and quality relationships.
  • revenue
    • Our Braeview software includes numerous management reporting tools that uses real time data to give the franchisee clear line of site into business performance. We provide information and reports that include revenue, billing exceptions, salary averages, student counts, ratio efficiencies, and many other important metrics. This software system allows the franchisee to manage by exception and still be able to ask all of the timely questions required.
  • training
    • Willowbrae Academy offers training, mentoring, and coaching from our Franchise Development Team. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge in start-up and operations of child care academies. They are ready to assist every franchise with all aspects of managing their Academy. We provide exclusive training in Willowbrae Academy business systems, Braeview software, and setting up financial management controls. Our team will offer coaching assistance with one-on-one conference calls, franchisee best practice group calls, and director process improvement conferences.
  • Support Team
    • Our experienced support team will assist you with every aspect of your franchise. We have local real estate brokers who will provide site sourcing support and analysis. A franchise development team will be available to you to implement our start-up methodology, help you with opening your location and support your Academy with all Willowbrae Academy systems.
  • technical support
    • All of our hardware and software is cloud managed, which results in very little technical requirement for the franchise or Academy staff. Willowbrae Academy has a help desk and technical staff to assist with any issues or training requirements Willowbrae Academy employees and parents encounter. Our issues tracking system will accept submissions via web form (from Braeview) or email. All submitted issues are logged, assigned to the appropriate technical expert, and tracked.